Introducing the Cognida Network

Introducing the Cognida Network

Authors: Michael Hathaway, Bing Byington

Networks come in many different forms. Networks are a medium of connection in our ever-changing world, whether they are social networks, business networks, physical networks, virtual networks – or the biggest and most resilient network of all, the public Internet. There are also neural networks, and even artificial neural networks, or connectionist systems inspired by the biological neural networks that allow our human and animal brains to function.

Cognida™ is being introduced today as a new kind of enterprise network as a service, designed specifically for a very meaningful and important purpose: to help enterprises manage multiple blockchain networks in such a way that they continue to own, protect and control their data, which is the lifeblood of the digital era.

Cognida’s platform is the brains behind the operation – the more efficient operation of business networks that are leveraging blockchain to more effectively send, receive and store data, across a proliferation of applications which simply run better on blockchain.

Our “cognition” extends to multiple clouds, where an increasing percentage of enterprise computing and access to third-party data through APIs is undertaken.

Sophisticated enterprises and organizations are all too familiar with the evolution of networking in general. They already manage multiple networks: Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), Storage Area Networks (SANs), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and most recently Software Defined networks (SD-WANs). There are WiFi networks, Radio Access Networks (RANs), and in the Internet of Things (IoT) world, Narrow-Band IoT (NB-IoT) and Low Radio Access (LoRaWAN) options. As we move closer to 5G, spectrum comes into play and all this is evolving into Long Term Evolution (LTE) networking.

That’s a lot of abbreviations, for a lot of enterprise network types.

Today, Cognida is making the next generation of enterprise networking easier, in advance of the massive wave upon us – the adoption of Blockchain networks.

Cognida is not another blockchain.

Cognida is a means for enterprises to take advantage of blockchains without losing control, or losing their minds, and consuming network services through a platform that is self-funded through COG Coins.

Cognida is not a cryptocurrency company. We’re innovating in several domains at the same time: providing an easy-to-use platform enabling system admins to add devices to blockchain networks and to manage the transactions between machines, applications and people, on a single platform that works with any blockchain technology.

Our goal? To provide a means for enterprises to regain control of their data, to maintain the integrity of their data, to work within their current network operations environment, and to intelligently manage today’s blockchains while being able to scale up as blockchains grow.

The Cognida Network establishes trusted service relationships between enterprises and cloud services, enabling them to enforce their security and privacy policies – creating a complete paradigm shift for Cloud services.

We’ve already implemented this software for years, but today are ready to make it available through the Cognida Open Source Foundation, which we are contributing our software to.

Why give it away?

Because we are confident our platform and network services are going to be warmly received by enterprises – by entire industry communities – because having control by implementing standardized and secure ways for sessions to flow makes so much sense.

Why so early in the enterprise blockchain evolution?

Because we’re telecom, software, systems integration, IoT and Industrial IoT veterans, who have been through the transitions, been through the network wars, and we have seen a better way to launch this new digital era – intelligently, openly and cognitively.

A few highlights about what Cognida delivers:

  • A Blockchain Agnostic Network and Platform
  • Distributed Permissions
  • Secure Interaction with Service Providers
  • Familiar Administration Functionality
  • A flexible compute architecture that can run on servers, PCs, tablets, and other devices
  • Subscription Services
  • A rich open source library
  • A service network

Above all, Cognida is building a community. The Cognida Open Source Foundation is a non-profit whose role includes oversight of ongoing community development of the Cognida Platform, as well as administration of the Cognida Service Network.

Cognida Foundation members will jointly oversee ongoing enhancements of the platform. This will involve membership voting to issue proposals for new projects and selection of developers.

Finally, our Cognida tokens will be the method of compensation for ongoing development. This is another innovation – a “new currency” that will enable enterprises to derive core value from participating in the Cognida community, while also enhancing value as the Cognida network grows.

We’ll continue to share more about our philosophy and progress – so subscribe to our blog, follow us on social media, sign up for our newsletter, but most of all – engage with us! We look forward to continuing to interact with the top visionaries in the enterprise IT world. We’re not building this for them – we’re building this with them.

Michael & Bing


Footnote: Windmill Enterprise, Inc is a Delaware ‘C’ corporation co-founded by Michael Hathaway of Information Xchange, Inc, and Bing Byington of CareConnex. Bringing the technology and capabilities of their two companies together unites decades of technology and know-how that addresses information access security in the Industrial IoT sectors. Windmill transforms an existing token-secured information sharing and access platform into the blockchain agnostic Cognida platform. In addition, Windmill is developing the first Cognida enterprise application, providing HIPAA compliant information management and access services to the clinical trials market sector.  Post launch of the Cognida Service network, Windmill Enterprise will be an ongoing platform contributor and member of the Cognida Foundation required to pay the network of service providers in tokens native to the open-source network for interaction.

Beyond participation with the Cognida Foundation and development community, Windmill’s focus will be to bring new customers and market sectors into the platform and encourage new enterprises to manage their data universe with blockchain powered data integrity solutions. Windmill will also operate on a continuing basis as an integration and development contributor to guide enterprise clients in their implementation of Cognida.


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