Oliver Birch

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Project Description

Vice President Wanchain

Oliver Birch graduated from Lancaster University with a BA (Hons) Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He is passionate about innovation and planning, creating and managing large projects within Clinical Trials. Oliver first got into the crypto space in 2011, researching and writing academic papers at university about the rise of bitcoin.Currently, Oliver is working as a Senior Project Manager for MeDiNova Research Spain (with an established parent company in London, UK). Oliver helped set up the MeDiNova network in Spain and is actively helping with the company expansion. MeDiNova is a Site Management Organization (SMO) with a network of 34 Investigator Sites. Its principal aim is to conduct clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies. MeDiNova is a leading SMO in recruiting large numbers of subjects within a short time frame, providing high quality clinical trial data and maintaining high subject retention rates. He is also the Global Community Lead for Wanchain.